3-Stage Marketing Plan

To grow your business, you need a tailored plan. And when it comes to developing an online business, a Digital Marketing Plan will help you to establish key objectives, identify opportunities and leverage your core competencies.

Defining a Marketing Plan can provide you with a basis to set clear reference stages and organize work efforts toward the strategies needed to grow the business.

The creation of a Digital Marketing Plan starts when you define the following points:

    1) who are your target customers

    2) how would you reach them online, to convert them into visitors

    3) how would you retain your visitors, and transform them into customers.

The plan is a working document that guides the Digital Marketing campaign. The responses to these points would create a draft of the whole picture.

After defining these primary stages, we will:

    a. set a time schedule,

    b. clearly express measurable goals,

    c. define the tasks needed, and

    d. the order to accomplish them.

Together, we will outline your market, your buyer target, and reachable objectives for the short, mid, and long term. We will get focus on your strength and resources and we will write the best plan for your business success.

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