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Write SEO-compliant content for your website.


Get your website to reach 1st search result pages

You have a website. You are getting few or no visitors at all. What’s wrong with it? Does the magic word «SEO» has all the answers? Well, yes and no.

Let’s go step by step.

What does SEO mean?


SEO is the short version of «Search Engine Optimization». And this means the art of making a website 100% friendly with search engines like Google, Bing, and Google, Google, Google.

Years ago Google came to redefine internet searches and it succeed so deeply that now 6 to 8 of each 10 searches are done directly through Google. Now all website owners dance to whatever song Google plays. You may rebel in every aspect of your life, but if you have a website and you sell anything online, you need to team up with Google.

Basically, if your website is friendly to Google´s bots, it will also work for other search engines. That´s why everyone puts the focus there.

Optimize your Website & Content


Having the best content will not really help if you do not have covered other aspects of an SEO-compliant website. You may want to check this page which contains 5 tips (and a bonus) to learn how to optimize your website or blog for SEO.

Otherwise, if you did your homework, you have a list of keywords that your (soon-to-be) customers use to search for your product or service and you´re now willing to create SEO-compliant pages or posts around them.

You should have your website with some basic stuff already.

Any small website must include an overview presentation, a page to talk about you and your team, your mission, etc. Also, a contact form and maybe some other pages well optimized. Once you have the basics, you can start thinking about adding more material to engage visitors.

How to write SEO content


A great website is one that invites the visitor to navigate through the pages and mark a goal. A marketing goal is defined as a measurable result. Depending on your particular business a goal may be:

  • dial your number
  • download a whitepaper
  • fill out a contact form
  • request a quote
  • subscribe to your newsletter
  • check out your cart

Of course, since you are running a business, the ultimate goal you need them to comply with is the final purchase.

Are your pages «Landing Pages»?


Create special landing pages to enforce the message given on your ads. If your keyword was «camping tent», and your ads’ line is «Best camping tents for only $59» the visitor expects to see the tent and not something else. Most visitors who click the ad with a single product in mind tend to leave the site if they are taken to a general page where the product they want is messed up with many others.

Making a landing page for this tent allows you to put pictures, measurements, a complete description, and, a «call-to-action»: the well-known «buy now» or «add to cart» button. There are many live chat tools that may also lead to sales if you handle the inquiries properly.

If there are multiple keywords you think that applies to a single product or service, you may try creating different landing pages along with different ads. But make sure you do not overdo yourself with too many landing pages -this could also be penalized as a bad SEO practice.

Keep your pages long enough to have good pieces of content, but do not load «War and Peace» on a single page. if you have too much content under the same topic, try creating chapters or breaking the content into different sections.

These are general pieces of advice that usually match any website or blog. Don´t you feel them right for your website? Contact me, and let’s review it together to see how can we improve it.

Optimizing your website for Google and other search engines takes time, make the first move today.